Test Wipe Smear, Swipes RC5BCTWF Test Wipe Smears (cotton)

RC5BCTWF Test Wipe Smears (cotton)

RC5BCTWF Test Wipe Smears (cotton)
Weight 2.00 lbs
250 dispenser box


Sample any surface contaminated with radioactivity. These convenient, easy-to-use cloth discs have individual record folders and can be used to perform wipe tests as indicated in NRC and Agreement State Regulations. Each box contains either 250 or 500 record folders which can be used to identify each sample smear, prevent cross-contamination of smears, transfer smears to the counting facility, or store smears until discarded. Smears have slightly adhesive back for keeping your sample exactly where you need it to be.

Nuclear contamination assessment is easy to determine with Mohawk Safety Smears. Standard cotton twill smear is a cotton disc measuring 1-3/4" (47mm) in diameter. Data folder includes space (3" x 4-1/2") for specific survey data (location, date, time, etc.) to be documented. Available in 500 each or 250 each special dispenser box. Made in USA.
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